Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a adventure /platformer game with a heavy  focus on story, character and place. Created by InfiniteFall-play as a cat called Mae who returns home, Possum Springs, after dropping out of college. You can run, jump, participate in town activities, play bass, smash stuff and hang with you friends. Oh, did I forget to mention to also uncover horrible mysteries too?


The game is a definitely have a linear platform/ 2D side stroller with something similar to a split decision and talk responses that can effect how the story is played out. As Mae, you can select 2 to 4 alternate options of responses to how you interact to Possum Springs’ inhabitants. Your friends-Gregg, Bea, Angus, Germ or Lori- will be designated by colorized text because of constant interaction with them during the course of the entire game. There are also mini games that are activated either for all players or players who selected the Bea or Gregg endings will be met with different interaction. But what I enjoyed the most was the interactions between each character and the almost collage-esk humor that appears discreetly. The dialogue  between characters is novel like with sharp quirky humor that makes you become relatable to the main characters which has constant interaction with Mae. The plot of the game is a bit aimless and can be confusing  to find what you are needed to do next, but I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that the  game’s aimlessness reflects Mae’s state of mind.


The soundtrack on NITW enylons a lot of instrument like strings, drums and accordions. Music that was compiled for this game fits the various areas of either Possum Springs, The Woods or even out at the Mall. All of these areas have a singular specific track of giving life to the already amazing world. However there are a few tracks that don’t exactly envole a lot of bandis based music. Tracks such as ‘Astral Bat Smash’ is part of the first dream that Mae has and the track has a lot of synthised tones. The Astral Dream Tracks are my favorite  out of the rest as the rest of the dreams are more orchestral sounding and always involve a different sorta rendition of the same tune. One other cool feature would the band practice sequences that occur at differs point in the game and is entirely a mini game where you play bass with Mae.


Possum Springs is like any small backwater town with stores, people walking around and small suburbs. The environment is simple and doest have overly complicated textures but it’s beautiful. However this also includes  the dream enviorments as they contrast the real world’s enviorment due to its dark space like atmosphere. It’s always set in Fall during the entire game and is only winter when the main game has been completed . I generally enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, it even had leaves on the ground that would rustle when ever Mae ran through them.


The artstyle of Night in the Woods is simple and all characters are animals that lack tails of any kind. Mae is a cat which all of her other friends are a crocodile, a fox and a bear. With this simplistic style of the game, the game looks great and fits the type of game that it was. Games that involve story, character development and mini games don’t need an overly complicated artstyle as it takes away from the experience. NITW doesn’t need overly complicated textures either as it would not able to be clever and deliver quirky humor as well.

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10/10 – A simple styled game with amazing animal based characters, quirky collage humor that will make you laugh and the story of 4 friends finding the dangerous secret of their dying town-Possum Springs.



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