Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter by Heart-Machine  ( Alx Preston ) a 2-D action RPG open world like game which takes the Best of 8-bit and 16-bit on a much grander scale. The player controls the Drifter, a unique character that has access to tech that has long been forgotten by the world’s inhabitants and is also suffering from a illness. As you play the character, you encounter monsters in the game’s world and a unique visual story telling, it will make you feel sob. ( I know I did..)


The controls of the game depends on what console you decide to play it on. It mostly runs on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and lastly Xbox one. Gameplay, in it as itself, is a lot like A link to the Past due to its eagle eye view of your surroundings, and how the dungeon layouts are presented in the game. In the begining, you onlu have two weapons, a sword and a blaster which gains new abilities but you don’t receive new weapons. However the game also requires you to be clever depending on the types enemies that is found in the world as the story progresses. When playing Hyper Light Drifter, You have the decision to pick any one of the dungeons as it doesn’t care which one you do first. Now heres an interesting little snippet. When the character is injured and is now at low heath, the beginning to cough up blood and clenching the chest while the screen starts to glitch out in dark pixels. This animation is based on the character’s illness and also  references to Alx Prestons who is the creator of Hyper Light Drifer.


Music in Hyper Light Drifter consist of a 2 hour sound track, stretched through the game’s story and areas. Music in this game mostly consist of a slight electronical feel mixed in with beats and sometimes even orchestral. However the track that is played in the beginning sounds very electronical with minor key beats and louder wirls of metallic sound, this sets the feel of the storytelling. I have a big thing for electronic music so I’m enjoying this, I can also feel the tones of each track and they all have the same sort of electronicy feel but they are all different on some way. The music also allow connectivity with the surrounding  areas of that particular action and the way that the game’s artstyle is presented to the player. As you delve deeper into the game, the music seems to get more complex in some manner and yet still retain the electronic melody that is present in every sorta track. It’s not like the loud electronical dubstep but is more evenly tempoed and has almost like a dark mysterious sounding with a bit of an upbeat to it.


Since the game is 8-bit and also 16-bit based game, the art style is pixilated as a result. The pixalation for the world is masterly done as from afar, it doesn’t look like its pixelized but you once you get closer it’s aparent that it is pixilated. The Artstyle complements the electrical soundtrack due to it portraying the lost technology and the ruined world. The character, Drifter, is most noticeable with its red cloak and head gear which sets him apart from the inhabitants but the enemies have an artistic variety amount different areas of the game. Color is completely bountiful in the game and each section has its own little color scheme and atmosphere that contrast the character sometimes.


The surrounding area of the game is smooth  and fits the it’s designated soundtracks. The numerous areas consist of a ruined world, desolate deserts, forgotten technology and grim dungeons. There backgrounds of Hyper Light Drifter is exclusively developed to complement the enemies, the visual no dialogue story and the soundtracks. Areas of this game are mostly ruined based with a slash of overgrowth and deep technological emotion hidden. However, the background is also a bit self explanatory as you see some type of nightmarish darkness seething in small corners in a few of the areas. They also provide functionality in to get from one area to another like the teleporters which blends in with the world’s environment. You are also exposed to unique textures that are custom to each area, some are the same tho.

Review Rating…

9.8/10 – A beautiful ruined world filled with unknown dangers and a lost technology with a sentimental connection between Character and Creator.


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