INSIDE is puzzle-based game created by Playdead which is known to create another dark game, Limbo. This side scroll game is dark and has a dread feel to the setting. Your character has a bright red colored sweater to make him easily seen due to the grim coloration of the world. The character travels through a dark forest, evades men who want to kill you, hunting dogs, and mind control humans with a helmet. Yes, you heard me ‘ mind control humans’ is a literal game mechanic. The point of the game is to evade your captors and solve the in pending mystery  that is told through cutscenes.


Controls are minimal and is mostly designed to solve puzzles or running like crazy to get away from some hunter dogs. The boy that you are controlling can walk, run, swims, climbs and uses objects to defeat obstacles and progress the game. You are firstly introduced to a thick forest, filled with pines and other types of foliage. As the game progresses, you then see a truck loaded with people and then diving off. This is were you need to avoid detection by flashlight or you will get caught and possibly be placed in one of those metal containers. These enemies can’t be defeated no matter what you do except at the very end of the game. Cutscenes in this game still alow the player to move as their more part of the Environment then anything. However this game doesn’t exactly give you a tutorial on the controls since it contains minimal key strokes if on PC. You continue on with at least two puzzles to proceed onto the next zone. Your essential trying to follow that truck but of course, these guys will shoot ya dead. You now come across a barn which what looks like to be desolate and with a bunch of pig corpses seemingly scattered about. Entering the barn, you come across some chicks which is needed for one of the puzzles in the barn. Then whole game then spirls into a facility, the introduction to the mind control mechanic to solve puzzles, timing  and lastly the interpretation of our story. Although, if you find secret rooms with glowing orbs through the game and deactivate all of them, you get the alternative ending.


When you see this game for the first time, the art style is realistic but the faces look to be undistinguished from each other. Although, the style also contains a mixture of simplicity when referring to the machinery seen later in the game. Though this is the cool part, Playdead use deph illusion in the background to give the sense of the larger world to the player. The art style of this game is really a simplified version of realism as you can tell that the world is supposed to represent our world due to the way the place is placed together.


INSIDE doesn’t exactly have a actually sound track as the composer who worked on Limbo was inspired by 1980 B horror movies. He didn’t want to compose  a soundtrack so instead he created music by routing sound through a human skull, which is pretty nerve-wracking if your just listen to just that . This gives INSIDE a sombre chill that often complements the game’s visuals. You see, INSIDE  has a tighter integration with gameplay and audio which allows for more additional elements to be tied to the audio like the character’ breathing. The composer worked closely with the design team on the game’s structure  and pacing to provide areas where music builds up atmosphereic tension.


Being the predecessor to Limbo, the enviorment is surreal and primarily uses a  somewhat of a monochromatic color scheme. The environment has a wide range of areas that are all dark and surreal with only color making a apperence at the highest points of the game. Environment is bleak in all areas but as I said earlier, it has a monochromatic feel  but  not exactly. Among it are splashes of red like the boy’s shirt, the yellow chirping chicks on a farm with pig corpses and lastly the color of flesh.

Now that I’m done, I am not saying anything else about it so go and play it.

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10/10 –  A bleak dystopian world filled with a constant surprise of new elements and puzzles with a grim story about a boy trying to stop the experimentations of mind control.


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