Abzu , a world created by Giant Squid is a sole underwater game in which you play as a suba diver like character. The realm is filled with beautiful scenery of a forgotten underwater world, brimming with fish, mammals and other aquatic species. However as you progress on the game, you realize that there is something more to this world than what meets the eye. Long forgotten ruins of a deceased civilization is seen in several different occasions. As you travel to and fro from area to are, you may realize that there are several different water bearing animals in different areas of the game. Not only that, the entire game is visual beautiful due to the amount of colorful unique atmospheres. 


Controls for this game varie from console or PC, I personally prefer the PC version due not having neither a Xbox or a PS4. Gameplay is well paced enough to let you experience and explore each area to the fullest. Swimming in Abzu is at a moderate but it’s a bit faster is some areas of the game, such as the underwater currents that you travel in between areas of the game. Also as you traverse the aquatic world of Abzu, you will encounter small doid like machines which will help you access parts of the area you are in. In one part of the game where you encounter the chance to walk on land which I think is really cool cause you don’t expect it happening. You also explore and find mosaic murals of the storyline and the once deceased civilization’s puzzles which help the progression in the game. Another would be the ancient triangular door ways that is found at the end of each zone. Just from that you can tell the civilization was far more technology advance.


The music, much like Journey, changes the atmosphere in the game. When in each zone, the music changes depending on the visual areas in the game. How  when reawakening the shines in the game, the music stops completely and the only thing that’s  audio able is the swimming. It’s suspenseful and makes you lean on the edge of you seat due to it being in a dead like state. When inside the shine, music and voices come together for a surreal feel of a place of impeccable importance.


The artstyle of this game is a mix of Atlantis like civilization with mosaic murals and realistic sea life. The realistic sea life of actual animals in our own realm of reality makes the character pop out and noticeable. However the ruins are beautiful blended in with the realistic environment and mosaic panels. Moreover, what is really interesting is the effect of the triangular technology  which effects the game’s aquatic like feel. It creates such a darker mood in the game, that you don’t expect it at all in terms of the initial of the storyline.


Like I implied, Abzu is a complete underwater Atlantis like world. Ruins and technology are presented in the game, although you see more of the ruins in the beginning of the game. The environment in each area has different ecosystems which contains a variety of aquatic sea life. In these ecosystems, there will be various scattered and broken vases that reference the once prospering civilization. Unlike Journey, the story line is not given by anot here being but Egyptian like mosaic murals that are found inside the mini temples after you restore the shrine to former glory. Although I did see some minor clipping ,when you encounter the whales there is a chance that some fish will clip through the top of the whales mouth but isn’t super noticeable.

Review Rating…

9.8/10 – A ocean of wisdom and knowledge with stunning aquatic visuals and a interpret storyline with the mysterious, dark technological presence that you don’t expect.


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