Journey, created by ThatGameingCompany is a world in which you play as a red robed being, seemingly embarking on a mission to the mountain in the far distance. This music filled, no dialogue game sets the player is the world where the remnants of of a deceased civilization is present as you , the player, trek though sand, caverns, and snow. When you first start the game, you are placed within a desert and the player’s robe is simple as its scarf. The player has the ability to glide across the sand and discover a civilization that has fallen. These ruins tell a story, beings similar to the player are seen in murals, and creatures made of cloth and light.


The functionality of the game is smooth and soft, fitting the character’s flow of how they move. Of course, the game is exclusively developed for the PS3. Journey is mysterious and beautiful, differing from dialogue based games. Another  piece of functionality would be the opinion to play alone or in company of a fellow travelers to explore the vast world. This functionality can be used to help players who have started the game and be accompanied by a veteran traveler who has, at least, played through the game once or twice. Also another nice addition to the ‘travelers’ would be the chime feature, the ‘chime’ feature allows some forms of communication between the players which involves symbols and different sound pitches. This feature is also used to help progression in the some areas in the game.


Music is an important part of the game, it sets the atmosphere of area you are in. This allows immersion to happen, it lets the player feel that they ARE that character. The Music in Journey has been Nominated for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media that of this year. Moreover, the music of this game sounds so appealing to the ear, filled with a low tenor sound, wind instruments, and strings in the beginning of the first track. The music changes depending are you are in and sometimes the music stops completely to make you either feel alone or to raise tension.


Alstyle is important for a game. It gives the game it’s appearance, whether it being simple or detailed. Journey’s artstyle is pretty simple as the traveler is a being in a red robe with golden ascents , a black mask with white eye holes, and a long red scarf tailing behind them. The simple look of the character contrasted against the realistic like environment that you explore in the world.


The environment in Journey ranges from sands of a desert, aged ruins of a fallen civilization, deep dark caverns, and a snowy mountain. Each bit of environment is filled with secrets just waiting to be found during gameplay and more ever the creatures that are also present. I’m not telling what they do to help the storyline because Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t played the game. Anywho, Environment in this game is critical as it gives the player new moods to that particular area of the game.


 10/10 – A short yet stunning game, original concept, beautiful music, Mysterious atmosphere along with picture like story telling that allows the player to interpret the rise and fall of the civilization on there own. Journey is such a wonderful experience that anyone of any age can enjoy on their free time. 





One thought on “Journey

  1. Nice review! I like how you put it into segments, it made it an easy read 🙂 Still one of my favourite indie games I’ve ever played! Just re-downloaded it and gonna hopefully do a playthrough soon


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